Jamaica, SVC graduate

Your Generosity
Your Impact
Your Skagit Valley College

WHEN YOU CHOOSE TO SUPPORT SVC STUDENTS, you help create tomorrow’s success story: the next nurse who cares for the sick, the next single mom to gain economic self-sufficiency or the next social worker to combat substance abuse or homelessness. These students — and so many others — will achieve their dreams, and change the world, thanks to you.

Jamaica is one of those students. A student whose unlikely story is one that could only happen at a place like Skagit Valley College, where the doors are open to anyone and every student is supported.

Many years earlier, an individual like you decided to support SVC students. He believed in higher education and providing an opportunity for everyone to achieve their dreams. Jamaica’s dream was realized when she completed her transfer degree at SVC and eventually became a Radiologic Technologist.

Please consider supporting Skagit Valley College and students like Jamaica. Every act of generosity creates a stronger SVC. Thank you!