THANKS to our community of supporters, we reached — and exceeded — our goal!

In January of 2015, Skagit Valley College launched its first-ever major Campaign to Remove Barriers to student achievement. At the outset, our goal was to raise $3 million in 3 years for 3 areas of student need: Emergency Funding, Childcare Assistance, and Opportunity for Excellence Funding.

Thanks to so many in our community, we officially completed the Removing Barriers Campaign at the end of December. Unlike a typical fundraising campaign, the money people contributed to Removing Barriers has been put to use as the funds were raised. Since fall 2016 we have awarded:

  • $72,400 to 197 Students in Emergency Funding
  • $34,700 to 33 Students in Childcare Assistance
  • $351,500 to hundreds of students in Opportunity for Excellence Funding (designated for program equipment or student professional development, research, scholarly work, and internships)

In total, 219 donors helped us raise $3,125,475 to impact SVC students. These funds have changed the way SVC Foundation addresses student support across our district. We continue to provide a robust scholarship program; however, we are now positioned to continue helping students with Emergency, Childcare and Opportunity for Excellence funds as a regular part of our philanthropic programs. The breadth of these programs together are helping more students stay in college and excel along the way to graduation.

Over the last three years, we have built new relationships in the community and strengthened existing ones. We have seen people from across the donor spectrum step up in ways that were personally meaningful, and we are dedicated to honoring everyone’s commitment to the College as we move into the future. Many of you support the college in valuable and important ways that are not related to the Campaign, and we are grateful for every contribution our community makes no matter how it supports students. This Campaign and this College would not be the same without your trust, confidence, and support! THANK YOU!!